Why Register as a Player?

Whether you are a serious, casual, or recreational player you need a way to find a facility to play whenever you want. You also don’t want to spend hours trying to find a place to play. Finally, you want to show up and start rocking like a tennis pro within minutes. With Sports Made Easy mobile app you can:

  • Search for open courts and coaches nearby.
  • Reserve courts instantly with a click of a button.
  • Search for local players by age and skill level for challenging match play.
  • Receive notifications on special offers and promotions in your area to take your game to the next level.
  • Schedule racket stringing and other maintenance services.
Why Register as a Coach?

Whether you are a professional coach or tennis pro looking to make extra money while having fun, your options with Sports Made Easy are wide open. You control your own hours and where you want to work. With Sports Made Easy mobile app you can:

  • Search open courts to host your lesson and reserve instantly.
  • Train players in their facility of choice.
  • Update your calendar for players to schedule lessons with you in real-time.
  • Setup match play with your students against other players with comparable skill level.
  • Send notifications to your students when you are delayed or need to cancel.
Why Register Your Facility?

The Sports Made Easy web application works seamlessly with the Sports Made Easy mobile app to fully automate the club and coach booking process for your club. Our online community is a robust member profile database that will connect you with players in your area. With Sports Made Easy web application you can:

  • Minimize empty courts and make your club highly visible to all players and coaches in your area.
  • Maximize your revenue by having constant traffic to your facility.
  • View information about each player and their rating of your facility.
What are the registration requirements for to join the Sports Made Easy online community?


  • Must be at least 21 years old -have access to an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet -must submit to a criminal background check.
  • Must be certified and in good standing with PTR or U.S. PTA, or eligible to receive certification PLAYER.
  • Must be at least 13 years old to hold an account.
  • have access to an iPhone, Android phone, tablet or any computer.
  • Members are required to register their credit card Information only when ready to perform a transaction.
  • Players under 17 need to get consent from parents before saving credit card information.
  • You do not need to enter credit card info to register for events or to explore the features of the mobile application or the web site.
Is Sports Made Easy safe?
  • The safety of our community members is our top priority.
  • We run extensive background checks on coaches and verify that they are certified and in good standing with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and U.S. Professional Tennis Association (U.S. PTA).
  • Coaches must provide a valid ID for identity verification purposes and legal authorization to validate their work status.
  • Coaches, clubs, and members have the opportunity to provide a rating for the services they receive so that we are always upholding the standards of our online community and constantly improving.
Download and Install

Sports Made Easy app is available on (Apple IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry):

  • At first, open “Play Store” on your Android device.
  • Now, you need to type “Sports Made Easy” in the search box and wait for the results to appear on the screen.
  • As soon as you see the icon of Sports Made Easy App, just tap on it.
  • Now you will see an “Install” or "Download" option. Just tap on it. It will take few seconds to get successfully installed.
  • The Sports Made Easy App will appear on your home screen as soon as the download progress gets over.
  • Tap on the icon to launch it.
Create Account

You may create an Sports Made Easy account from any computer or mobile device.

  • To create an account, click Sign Up and then specify whether you are a Facility, Coach, or Player (make sign up a hyperlink).
  • Enter your information into the required fields.
  • Review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (make both of these hyperlinks).
  • Verify that all the information you entered is correct.
  • Click sign up to submit your information.
  • Once your information is submitted, we will send a link to verify your email. Once you verify your email, the registration is complete!.
Update my Profile
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to Account Settings, then click Update/ Edit My Profile.
  • Make the necessary changes, click save, and your profile will be updated.
Match Play Safety Tips
  • Whenever you request a match play service with one of our members please make sure you read their profile very carefully and check their names against any known sources such as USTA, UTR and other Tennis community websites for the legitimacy of the information provided.
  • Read the review comments posted by other members carefully.
  • If you are under 18 please make sure you are accompanied by your parent or a guardian.
  • Please verify the venue is known public property or a legitimate private property
  • Please avoid meeting members in their private facility unless otherwise all precautionary measures are carried out
Change/Reset Password

If you've forgotten or lost your password, no worries! You can reset it here:

  • Please enter the email address you used to register your Sports Made Easy account.
  • A link to reset your password will be emailed to you right away.
  • Click that link, You will be directed to a reset password page.
  • Create new password.
  • Retype your new password.
  • Click ok Note: The reset password link we send is unique and time sensitive. It'll expire after one hour. If you find your link no longer works, you can request another password reset using the link above.
How To Invite Friends from the Sports Made Easy App
  • From the home page of the app, click the three lines icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the menu.
  • Select Invite Friends.

There are 3 different ways to invite friends from the Sports Made Easy app:

Invite by mail:

  • Allows you to enter an email address and the recipient will receive a link to download the app.
  • Enter an email address and click Send Invite.

Pick from your contacts:

  • Search for existing contacts saved on your phone.
  • The search will only pickup saved email addresses, not phone numbers.

Share & Invite:

  • Generate a link that you can send to invite others.
  • Once you click this option, a menu on your phone will appear asking how you would like to share this link.
  • You can share via text message, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
General Cancellation Policies
  • Sports Made Easy allows members to choose among three standardized cancellation policies (Rush, Flexible, and Normal ) that we will enforce to protect members, Pros who offer lessons, and sports facilities alike. If a member is renting the facility through our application or website, facility cancellation policy supersedes to all reservations.
  • Each listing and reservation on our site or app will clearly state the cancellation policy.
  • Members may cancel and review any penalties by viewing "My Booking" tab and then clicking ‘Cancel’ on the appropriate bookings.
  • Members can see each other reliability score which is calculated based on a number of reservations a member has made vs canceled over the previous 12 months.
  • This reliability score is visible to all our community members, Pros who offer lessons and sports facility while booking the services.
Cancellation Policy- Normal

Normal Cancellation Policy:

  • Facility booking fees are always refunded if the reservation is canceled before 24 hours from the booking time Lesson booking fees are always refunded if the reservation is canceled before 24 hours from the booking time Match play booking credit points are always refunded if the reservation is canceled before 24 hours of the booking time.
  • A reservation is officially canceled when the member clicks the cancellation button on the cancellation confirmation page, which they can find in My Bookings -> Change or Cancel link.
  • Any cancellation which falls under this category does not impact your reliability score.
Cancellation Policy- Rush

Rush Cancellation Policy:

  • Any booking cancellation within one-hour notice period may subject to be refunded if the members call Sports Made Easy call center and the call center agent is able to cancel the booking with the facility, Pro or another with an applicable fee deduction and refund the rest to their account.
  • Any member who cancels more than once in a given month, within one hour notice period will be flagged with the low-reliability score.  This may influence the decision on future bookings and services requested.
I already have a job, so can I just accept lessons in my off-time?
  • Absolutely! With Sports Made Easy, you can make yourself available for lessons whenever you like.
  • Earning potential with Sports Made Easy is unlimited, with some coaches making more than $800 by just giving lessons on evenings and weekends.
How do I get paid for coaching lessons booked through Sports Made Easy?
  • Coaches get paid for every lesson they offer to our members.

You have two options to receive payment:

  • Money can be deposited into your account at the end of each week automatically,
  • You may use our direct pay option to charge members for your services prior to receiving lessons and the  money will be transferred instantly
Cancellation Policy- Flexible

Flexible Cancellation Policy:

  • Facility booking fees are always refunded if the reservation is canceled before 3 hours from the booking time Lesson booking fees are always refunded if the reservation is canceled before 3 hours from the booking time Match play booking credit points are always refunded if the reservation is canceled before 2 hours from the booking time.
  • The Matchplay service credit is refundable, up to 3 times per year, if the member cancels with 30 minutes lead time from the booking.
  • A reservation is officially canceled when the member clicks the cancellation button on the cancellation confirmation page, which they can find in My Bookings -> Change or Cancel link.
  • Applicable fees will be retained and remitted to the facility owners for the facility booking in event of cancellation which is noncompliance with the facility/club cancellation policies.
Official rules of the contest or sweepstakes 
  • In order to participate in contests or Sweepstakes, you must be over The Age Of 18.
  • Each person who signs up for a contest or sweepstake must use a legitimate email and phone number to qualify
  • Sports Made Easy will select all the entrants of contests and sweepstakes using the promo code before expiration
  • Sports Made Easy will select a random User ID as the winner based on the promo code
  • Sports Made Easy will be solely responsible for Contest and Sweepstake giveaways.
  • No partners or Technology vendors such as apple or google are responsible
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