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Lisa Dodson
Rye (Town),NY
Improve your serve with ServeMaster
27 April 2018 - 30 August 2018
(Exclusive of shipping cost)

1-Ball SERVEMASTER trainer is primarily designed for:

Some beginning women players who are reticent to learn to serve, juniors under the age of 10 who are beginning to learn to play tennis. Since this unit is shorter and lighter in the head, it is easy for kids to manage and safe to use. Once they get it, many highly coordinated kids move quickly to the 2-Ball trainer. All children must be supervised and monitored when using a ServeMaster trainer. Although the correct use of the trainer is safe, kids often do things that they don’t realize can be dangerous.

This ServeMaster trainer can be used for ground stroke development and practice for kids and adults. The light weight at the end allows for maximum whip.

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Price: $20.80 + Shipping (Exclusive Deal for Sports Made Easy community members only)

Use PROMO CODE MGS20181ball in ServeMaster Website to get the product at this price. 

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