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Best Mobile App to Find Tennis and Golf Players, Venues and Coaches


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Sports Made Easy is an online community that connects to find tennis and golf players or practice partners in real time. With our best mobile app for tennis and golf, you can fulfill your sporting needs easily, whether you are looking to find players matching your skill level or in need of help to find a venue, events, deals, tournaments or trainers/coaches.
  • Download our free app and register as a player in our “Sports made Easy” app from App store or Google Play .
  • Find tennis and golf players or practice partners, by age and skill level, for a competitive or friendly game.
  • Maintain your calendar for all the match plays, leagues and tournaments to get yourself organized.
  • Find tennis and golf venue to play anytime, anywhere, and at any price point.
  • You can enjoy access to multiple private golf courses as a guest by gaining access to our network of golfers.
  • Search for USTA, UTR, GHIN rankings and ratings.
  • Find practice partners when you travel away from home.
  • Schedule a lesson or find other sports related services.
  • Receive real-time notification on events, clinics and special promotions in your area to take your game to the next level.
Our mobile app and online community creates more demand for a venue to play when the players setup a game within our community. Once you sign up with our community you can find additional opportunity to rent your venue when you have an unfilled slot. There is no upfront cost for registering in our community to rent your facility or change of your current booking process. Our platform also allows you to get more exposure to your events and programs by extending the reach.
  • Click register link on our website and select Facility Option to register.
  • Our customer support team will call you to setup a date for a demonstration.
  • After the initial walk through you can sign up a contract with MGS to rent your facility.
  • Upon the signature of the contract we will provide training on how to list your club and start accepting booking request.
Whether you are a professional coach or tennis pro looking to make some extra money while having fun, the opportunities with Sports Made Easy are endless! You control your own hours and where you want to work.
  • Download our free app and register as a coach in our “Sports made Easy” app from App store or Google Play .
  • Get lesson or hitting requests from our extensive online community members.
  • Search for open courts to host your lessons without the hassle of calling so many clubs or losing the customer by delaying the lesson booking.
  • Find local tennis players or golfers, by age and skill level, to setup a match play for your students outside of your lessons.
  • Create your own group lessons, camps, clinics, and other events where our members can sign up virtually.
  • Get lesson or hitting requests from our extensive online community members.
  • Train players at their facility of choice.
  • Maintain your schedule in our calendar, so players can schedule lessons with you in real-time.
  • Send notifications to your students when you are delayed or need to cancel appointments.
"Fan Challenge" is a way to show off your sports knowledge while accumulating points to win awesome prizes. Prizes and participation rules may vary for each tournament. Please check specific tournament for prize and rules details. Scores vary for each round. If you did not play the first few rounds you may still get on the leader board because the points for later rounds is higher than initial rounds. Please make sure your notification is turned on your device for our app to get updates.






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